ITRI Suppliers

At ITRI we try to combine the Italian cooking style with the greatest Scottish products. We do get products straight from Italy but when it comes to fish, meat and dairy there`s no better choice than going Scottish.

These are few of our supplier:

• S.S. DEI NAUFRAGATI (Cheesemaker)
All our dairy products (mozzarella, scamorza and few other specialities) come from the first Scottish-Italian “Caseificio” established probably in the whole UK.
Gabriele is an Italian guy making cheese in Scotland with the traditional Italian techniques. The highest quality of the milk in Scotland let him produce great and fresh mozzarella. People loves it!

Eddie’s Seafood Market has been trading since 1986 and true to its name, has the feel of a miniature market. It overflows with sealife: Scotland’s waters provide most of the fish and there’s a particularly wide range of home-grown shellfish. Everything is palpably fresh, from Swordfish and Tuna to Langoustines and Lobsters.

Saunderson’s has been serving the Edinburgh community since 1958 when John Saunderson, known as Jack, bought the shop. Jack was the grandfather of current shop owner, John Saunderson, who joined and succeeded Jack’s son Iain. So for three generations, John Saunderson’s has been a high class family butcher.

We try to serve you only the best and freshest ingredients available on the market!
Simple food that tastes incredible!

We would like to thank Carey london ltd for supplying us construction tools for our company.

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